Frequently Asked Questions

Which guarantee offers La Porta Vacanze?

La Porta Vacanze has visited all the accommodation on the website and know the owners personally. This secure that what you see and read on the website you will get. We only rent vila, houses and apartments where we would like to stay ourselves.

La Porta Vacanze is a member of the Stichting Garantieregeling Reisgelden (a Travel Compensation Fund). This means not only a financial security but also that La Porta Vacanze is a reliable and professional tour operator.

La Porta Vacanze is an official at the Chamber of Commerce registered mediator for the rental of holiday homes in Italy

La Porta Vacanze
Meidoornlaan 175
6951 LZ Dieren
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce, Arnhem-The Netherlands, no: 24360521

The travel document: when do I receive any information about the accommodation?

After the remaining amount has been paid, you will receive by email the travel document sent no later than tree weeks before the arrival date, except for last minute bookings. The travel document you can show to the owner of caretaker upon arrival.
The travel document is in PDF format and includes:

  • Accommodation data (name villa / apartment, address, name and telephone number owner / caretaker)
  • Guidelines accommodation (arrival and departure time, facilities including and excluding)
  • Tourist information through links to tourist information (regional and provincial APT: Aziende di Promozione Turistica) with lots of information on arts / culture / events / activities / nature. Furthermore a link to information on the website of La Porta Vacanze / Experience the real Italy (art and culture, list of restaurants, activities, etc.)
  • Travel directions

The directions
The route starts from the toll roads in Italy to your holiday destination. The GPS coordinates of the house are indicated too. Yet it is well advisable to follow the written directions for the final stretch to the villa. It is advisable to study your route before departure (for example using Google Maps) and provide yourself with the actual traffic information.

What payment methods are available?

Payment can be made by bank transfer. The bank details are listed in the invoice which will be sent by e-mail.

Can I cancel the contract after booking without charge?

A confirmed booking is definite and can not be revoked. The law for online and distance selling, particularly therein the cooling-off period of seven working days shall not apply to travels booked through the internet. This law makes an exception for the tourism industry because of the specific nature of the services provided, in line with the European Directive on distance selling, which also provides an exception for services relating to lodgings.

What information do I get after the booking is confirmed?

Once the booking is confirmed you will receive an email confirmation and invoice with the payment instructions. After payment of the total amount you receive about 3 weeks before arrival the travel document with the exact address of the villa and the contact information.

When is a booking definite?

Once you have made a booking online, you will receive an email with your order number. We will forward your reservation to the owner. After approval of the owner, usually within two business days, you will receive the booking confirmation and invoice by email. Your booking is now definite.

How can I make a booking?

Through our website at every Villa detail

You click on Availability and Prices. You chose the desired month and click on the arrival date of your choice. Arrival is on Saturday and is displayed in the color dark green. Then choose in the box Offer how many weeks you like to book. The price is now displayed. To book click on the red button “Book Now”.

You are now in the booking form.

Enter your information in Step 1 and 2. In step 3, you get a summary of your booking with the price and costs. In the free text field you can fill in any remark or question, like additional guests, or arrival on a different day

Check all the data. You can send the reservation, by clicking on ”Complete reservation”. This is only possible if you have agreed with the Terms and Conditions.

Receiving of your booking will be confirmed online and via e-mail.

I want an option on a property?

La Porta Vacaze can not grant an option anymore.

Can I see the location of the house on the Map?

The map displays the location of the house and the surrounding areas exactly but can not be fully zoomed in to protect the exact address. The exact address is not released until after the booking is final.

Is the availability on the website up to date?

The availability on the website can not be guaranteed 100%; La Porta Vacanze is dependent on the owners for information of the actual availability. In the meantime, the accommodation may be booked. We do everything to show you the latest availability on the website. Every night the availability will be updated.

What is the meaning of the 4 categories?

The classification of the holiday houses in four categories is based on our own inspection of the villas. It is possible that a a house has a higher rating because of its location and/or the exteriors of the villa are very special.

Very luxurious and very comfortable:
Spacious, luxurious accommodation at very high level. They are carefully selected, as much effort is needed to earn the highest category.

Luxurious and very comfortable:
Luxury standard accommodation with a qualitatively very nice interior with more then a everyday comfort in a beautiful location.

Very comfortable:
Friendly accommodations, furnished with ordinary, everyday comfort. A stay where you feel at home immediately.

Mostly rural accommodation, with a comfortable interior with basic features, and you are satisfied with reasonable comfort.

You want to file a complaint

1. Complaints during the stay should be submitted within 24 hours by email or in any other appropriate form, allowing La Porta Vacanze and the owner to take appropriate action. If the complaint is not satisfactorily handled, the tenant has to submit his complaint by mail no later than four weeks after returning stating all relevant information. Email address:

2. If the tenant does not submit his complaint within the deadline mentioned above, he loses the right of any compensation, if any right to compensation exists.

3. LPV will handle a complaint adequately and in time, in any case within six weeks after receipt of the complaint.